Address956 S. Bartlett Rd. This sets the length of the rapid rinse cycle. The top indication on the shipping boxes are so the top can be opened for easier orientation during installation. Below is a chart with a list of all options shown in the MASTER programming. 4.8 out of 5 stars 6. A physical air gap of at least 3 inches (76 mm) between the end of the drain line and the wastewater level in the drain pipe should be used to avoid contamination of the line. If you believe your system should have gravel and you have an unloaded system without separate gravel you can contact us to see if you need it. Plug the control head into a qualifying outlet as stated in the requirements section. Once correctly positioned the riser tube should be no more than 1/3 inch (8 mm) above the top lip of the tank. All other registered and unregistered trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners. This is fine, and when screwing on the control head just ensure the riser feeds into the pilot hole and it will correct itself. Unloaded Systems ONLY When looking directly at the connections, the inlet (untreated) water will be on the left and the outlet (treated) water will be on the right (). The control head can be plugged in and operated without water, this will not damage the control head. Along with the "On Demand" meter and durable piston-driven design and high flow-rate, the Fleck 2510 is a reliable time-tested precision piece of equipment. This image will show the differences for easy reference. Overfilling the tank may lead to improper system operation. The USER programming has the most commonly changed settings, and you can go through the settings below to get up and running quickly. The black boot on the bottom of the tank may get knocked out of alignment during shipment. • Next, place the Fleck 2510SXT Meter Valve onto the top of the tank, being sure that the riser tube fits into the central o-ring on the valve, as shown in figure 7 below. The red arrow inside the day tab ring indicates the current day, if the arrow is pointing toward an active tab the system will run a backwash cycle that night at midnight or 2 AM (depending on the system, the time is usually indicated on a label located on the back of the valve). Home > ** MOST POPULAR ** > Fleck Control Valves > Fleck 2510 Manual Non-Electric 3/4 Backwash Valve Since 2004 Glass Water Systems has been a leader in Economical Water Treatment. If running the drain line more than 15 ft use at least a 3/4" line. Most concerns are related to the amount of water going down the drain, and a properly designed septic/sewer system will not have a problem handling it. Yes. On digital systems, hold the extra cycle button for 5-10 second until the backwash starts. This sets the length of the backwash portion of the cycle. If you have the Vortech tank it replaces the standard tank, and the riser is not removable Chemsorb/Filter-Ag/Turbidex - Used in sediment tanks and Air Injection Silver systems - Small whitish to yellowish chunks similar to small pebblesSmall beads, similar to wet sand, various colors. We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible and have provided these installation instructions to make things as simple as possible. Ensure the drain line flow If gravel was include make sure to use it, and verify you have received all packages before assuming you do not have gravel. sediment filter > pH filter > iron filter > carbon filter > water softener > arsenic filter. 3-prong, 120V outlet within 5 ft. (1.5 m) of the control head with constant power. This should only be used if a soft reset does not work. Parameter Display - During programming, indicates which setting you are on. Do not use petroleum based lubricants like Vaseline on any of the O-rings. DO install drain line - it is REQUIRED and the system SHOULD NOT be used without one, DO NOT make a direct connection into a waste water drain. KDF Media - Additive on some softeners - Gold or dark brown flakes Once properly tightened down check to ensure the tank and control head meet evenly all the way around. Loaded Systems - Skip to the final step in this section The integrated Fleck SXT digital The bypass valve on your system allows for water to the system to be shut off for service or maintenance without shutting off the entire water supply. Delays may occur, but your orders will still be shipped. As you face the Fleck 2510 control from the front, the water enters on the right and exits on the left. To set the time, locate the 24 hour time gear (the large gear located behind the manual cycle knob) and note the current time arrow. Hand tighten only. FLECK 2510 Service Manual • 3 INSTALLATION Water Pressure A minimum of 20 pounds (1.4 bar) of water pressure is required for regeneration valve to operate effectively. For Filox systems: Filox media requires backwashing at minimum every 2 days, with every night recommended for best media life. Fleck Service Manuals . • This manual is intended as a guide for service of the valve only. Please apply these instructions with discretion and common sense. Press the Extra Cycle button to advance to each setting shown below, and adjust with the UP/DOWN buttons if necessary. If your system requires gravel, since most systems are shipped loaded or partially loaded the gravel will already be in the tank. Check your settings to ensure the system is setup to backwash automatically. 2850s Service Manual Size: 3.9 mb. Yes. If it extends more than 1/3 inch above the top of the tank please refer to the FAQ section for ways to correct this. If you have more than one system you can use the simple guide below to help identify the most common medias. 2. The mechanical has control knobs. Up Arrow - Used to change time or increase value of current setting. Electrical Facilities An uninterrupted alternating current (A/C) supply is required. Fleck 2510 Meter Cap Extended Range 90 Degree Right Angle 15659 $165.00 Meter Assy, 3/4-inch Dual Port, Slip Std, RT Angle/180 Plastic Paddle Wheel, w/clips 60088-180 60089-180 After verifying programming run the system through a backwash and watch the motor to ensure that it is moving the piston, if it is not the motor needs to be replaced. Since the system cleans itself most particulate in the water will be trapped and rinsed off by the backwash cycle, eliminating the need for a sediment prefilter. Check the system for any leaks, paying attention to the seal between the tank and control head as well as the connections between the bypass valve and control head. Partially Loaded Systems - Continue to the next step. Your system will ship with a cap designed to keep the media in the tank during shipping. Fill tank partially with water -Optional-, Finish filling tank with water -Optional-, If Present - Inspect and install top distributor basket, © 2008-2021 Abundant Flow Water, Inc All Rights Reserved. Once plugged in, verify the system is receiving power and ensure the outlet is not on a switch that might get turned off. Website Design & Development by JET Advertising You should be able to feel it as a slight bump up inside the pilot, if it was missing there would be a significant gap where it was supposed to be. If you have read through these entire instructions and FAQ section and still have questions feel free to contact us for further help. The top distributor basket is used to help prevent media from getting up into the control head and into your pipes, it also keeps the resin from going down the drain during water or air surges. How to set the time on a Fleck 2510 head along with setting regeneration frequency. Installation Instructions for Backwashing Systems with Fleck 2510 and 2510SXT Covers all standard backwashing systems, including ASM and AdEdge arsenic systems, carbon tanks, iron filters, ph tanks, and sediment tanks. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. You will supply the required fittings to connect from the system to your plumbing, this will typically consist of threaded adapters that will connect directly to the bypass/yoke, fittings to tie into your main line, and the copper/PVC/PEX line to connect between them. Typically connected to the control head when received. Larger tanks may have a gray threaded adapter to reduce tank opening to match control head. From the back (see Fig 2) the water enters on the left. There are arrows molded or printed on both the control valve and the bypass valve that can be used to verify flow direction. Make sure to follow all applicable local plumbing codes. Filox/Mang-Ox - Used in stand alone system and Air Injection Platinum system -Heavy, dark media that looks like finely crushed rock Digital SXT has LCD panel. Some SXT systems may have labels referring to the older SE model number. Correct water flow through the system is vital to proper operation. Programming Icon - Displayed when in programming mode. Manual: Fleck 5810 & 5812 XTR2 (44020) Spec Sheet (French Canadian): 5810 Valve (4004318-FC) Spec Sheet (Spanish): Fleck 5810 (4004318-S) Spec Sheet: 5810 Valve (4004318) 5812 Valve. 3900 Service Manual That indicates an error. Continue to the next step. Cover the riser tube before beginning. --You can replace the shipping cap and tighten it down as much as possible, then lay the tank on its side and roll it back and forth a few times to get the media to shift and let the riser return to the correct position. Covers air injection silver, gold, and platinum filter systems. The exact fittings on your system may vary depending on the exact configuration of your system, but in general you will have a bypass valve and yoke, or a single piece bypass valve with built-in fittings (). Use a silicone lubricant or vegetable oil to both O-rings. MODEL 2510 & 2510 ECONOMINDER Service Manual IMPORTANT: Fill in pertinent information on page 3 for future reference. System will automatically recover from this state. It is seated very securely up inside the pilot hole, inside a groove, so it can be hard to see. Backwash flow @ 25 psi drop: 17 gpm . Time Clock - will backwash at the set regeneration time after the set number of days has passed. When flashing it indicates that a backwash is schudule for the next set time. If you are unsure of your abilities to install the system using these instructions please hire a qualified plumber. Systems with the Vortech tank will typically not require gravel, though medias like Filox/Mangox will still use it. Improper flow direction will prevent proper operation and can damage your system and your plumbing. Installation will require a basic knowledge of plumbing and plumbing connections. Press both the UP and DOWN buttons at the same time and hold for 5-10 seconds until the Parameter Display shows DO. Screws on top of the tank and controls the water flow and backwashing cycles. This sets the time that the backwash cycle will start. Plumbing related questions need to be directed to a locally qualified plumber. Read through your parts list and verify all components are accounted for and in good condition BEFORE scheduling a plumber. Systems with the Vortech tank will typically not require gravel, though some heavier media and larger systems will still use it. Piston took more than 6 minutes to advance. If you prefilled the system it should only take a minute or two. Unplug the system, disconnect the piston from the motor/gear, and verify that the piston moves freely inside the valve; if it does not replacement of the seal and spacers and possibly the piston is required. This is for a filter only. If your tank is a bit tilted, simply pick the tank up 2–3 inches (5–8 cm) off the floor and drop it gently but firmly down, favoring the side that needs to be adjusted to make the tank stand straight. Data Dispaly - During programming shows setting. Do not overtighten the screws to avoid damage. Perform a manual backwash to reset the error. The material placed in the polyglass tank that does the actual treatment of the water. Once the tank is full, slowly open the bypass valve the rest of the way. Each tab can be either inward towards the middle of the ring (inactive) or outward away from the middle of the ring (active). Fleck 2510 Service Manual Download Industrial water treatment equipment & service, wholesale water treatment equipment and commercial salt delivery serving the Minneapolis area. Model 2510 & 2510 Econominder Service Manual IMPORTANT: Fill in Pertinent Information on Page 3 for Future Reference This Product Includes: Fleck 2510 Meter Valve & Cover; Plumbing Adapter (As Chosen From Options) 2750 Service Manual Size: 3.6 mb. This sets the length of the brine fill portion of the cycle. It is a good idea to allow the system to run through a manual cycle. Thank you for purchasing a new AFWFilters® Backwashing System. NOTE: Other … The service icon does NOT mean your system needs serviced. There is a slight depression that the lower basket will slip into when properly positioned. While systems that are installed correctly and fuctioning properly will not have issues, the top basket is included as a saftey measure to prevent problems and it is recommended to use it if present. The microprocessor control has just one moving part in the water stream. Valve Body 2510 PN 19328 IN STOCK Your Price: $59.95 . When in the BYPASS position, the system can be disconnected from the bypass valve for service or maintenance without cutting into your plumbing and without shutting the water off in the home. AFWFilters Fleck 2510 Filter only head replacement backwashing valve, Black. Fleck 2510 & 2510SXT Series 1” Residential Control Valves Fleck’s 2510 valve is ideal for residential water softeners and filters up to 16” diameter tank size. The 2510 head is designed to be adaptable with its fully adjustable cycles it ca Tank 2 is in service (dual tank softeners only). Copyright © 2020 Quality Water For Less. Once plugged in, verify the system is receiving power and ensure the outlet is not on a switch that might get turned off. Simply pour water into the tank until it is 1/4 - 1/3 filled with water. Initiate a manual regeneration and verify it progresses through the steps correctly. You can press the Extra Cycle button to confirm the setting, or just leave it alone for a few seconds and it will save. Only used on metered water softners, it indicates water is flowing through the system. Page 14 MODEL 2510 ECONOMINDER demand regeneration control Typical Residential Application SERVICE To program, just set the time, set the hardness and it POSITION MANUAL REGENERATION INDICATOR 24 HR. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In the BYPASS position () water skips the system and remains untreated. Depending on the system there may not be any discoloration, it may clear up almost immediately, or it may take a couple of hours. We recommend verifying the control valve operation BEFORE plumbing to avoid issues. The fully adjustable Fleck 2510 control valve for filters and softeners can handle continuous flow rates up to 24 gallons per minute and is made to provide the backwash capacity for softeners and filters up to 16" in diameter (for tanks larger than 13", an adaptor would be necessary). This is normal, with the number displayed indicating the number of days until the next backwash. Any mixing of tank contents will correct itself after being placed in service. See end of programming section for error code explainations. If your riser tube sticks out more than 1/3-inch above the top of the tank you will need to correct it.

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